About us

LUKS-MED company based in Zgorzelec province. Lower Silesia was founded in 2014. We have extensive experience in selling and importing equipment on request in accordance with customer expectations. In view of the increasing number of our customers and their expectations LUKS-MED company continues to expand its offer, want to go to the customer.

Our offer includes professional operating, treatment lamps and sterilizers above all. We offer also special surgical instruments, operating tables, as well as other appliances specially get to needs and according to requirements of the Customer.

At first we had operating and treatment lamps in our offer from countries of western Europe, and in final years we extended our assortment directed at the general practice and still we are widening it for the purposes of our Customers.

Thanks to the vast experience and the care we are coming up to tasks entrusted us with which, the best quality of our services is going hand in hand with contentment of our Customers.

What makes your company LUKS-MED among other companies? It is the quality for a reasonable price, as well as professional and full commitment, individual approach to each client.

Quickly our Customers, thanks to which we fortified its position at home and abroad appreciated it. At present LUKS-MED is providing a few states with his products in Europe

Thank you and welcome to cooperate with us!

Lukasz Zareba